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Enriched with Vitamin E and based on natural ingredients (argan, apricot, sesame, carrot macerate…) it is easily applied to your skin to sublimate it, moisturize it and restore its radiance.

His Vanilla Monoi fragrance (IFRA certified) will leave an irresistibly scent on your skin.


This oil is distinguished by its pearly texture; which deposits on the skin a veil of light and softness as well as a delicate scent of vanilla monoi. Impossible to resist such beautifully flattering, soft and glowing skin.


Shine comes to life in this treatment that is as sublime as it is sublimating. An oil of the most perfect elegance at the heart of a natural formulation, respectful of your body and our environment.


A veritable beauty ritual for the body on its own, this oil invites you to feel beautiful, dressed in light.

It is also a must-have for a golden tan, homogeneous and bright !

It penetrates quickly so that the sensation on the skin is light and pleasant.

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