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Terre de Gaïa was born from a desire to create a cosmetics brand closer to nature while strictly following the cosmetic regulations in force.


We favor a eco-responsible cycle through EcoCert certified cooperatives for raw materials. 

We select our production partners carefully and prudently to achieve a high-end cosmetics.

Morocco is full of excellent quality raw materials such as argan, prickly pear, saffron...

The selection of products is for us the most crucial step, because we want to ensure flawless quality.

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Terre de Gaïa products are skin-friendly and respect the environment around us. They cause no water pollution and Earth during use. Terre de Gaïa is part of an approach ecological, ethical and responsible. 


Our formulas, tailor-made, are designed to offer the highest level of effectiveness for your skin. Every product we make is a meticulous blend of powerful actives that have been proven to be highly effective. Everything is done in the laboratory to offer you healthy, safe, stable and totally natural products.

The natural components used are not denatured and thus retain all of their benefits. 

Terre de Gaïa products are free of parabens, sulfates, chemicals, palm oil, GMOs and endocrine disruptors.

By combining natural ingredients with modern scientific techniques, the Terre de Gaïa skin care brand was born to offer you the best of both worlds: Nature and Science!  



Each formulation is made according to European regulation  EC 1223 / 2009

(European legislation relating to cosmetic products).


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